Aria Art Gallery, cultural project

Aria Art Gallery

Aria Art Gallery stems from an idea by Elio d’Anna that establishes the principles and values of the cultural project forming the “Aria Foundation”.

Philosopher, businessman, and successful author of several literary works released around the world, such as The School of Gods and The Technology of the Dreamer, Elio d’Anna inspires and supports international artistic activities by determining the guidelines for the selection and promotion of the artists chosen. The artistic direction of the gallery is entrusted to Antonio Budetta, whose active research is aimed mainly at promoting new opportunities for current collecting.

Aria Art Gallery opened in 2007 in Pietrasanta, a Tuscan town famous for its marble and bronze processing; it is one of the residences chosen by the greatest ancient and contemporary sculptors. The spirit of this place, deeply linked to the material, leaves an enduring mark in the choice of the artists represented.  The gallery moved its main location to Florence in 2009, to a magical place only a few steps from Ponte Vecchio: an ancient courtyard with a botanical garden dating back to 1534. Here, the antique tropical garden leads to the modern early 20th century exhibition space, allowing the gallery to settle into the center of the “Renaissance” city and its memories, creating a link between historical and contemporary times.

Aria Art Gallery Florence

Borgo SS. Apostoli, 40r-50123 – Firenze IT

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