The Tuscan Territory

  • A world of wines – Tuscany in a bottle

    From the golden days of Bacchus and as early as Plato, Aristotle and Lucretius, learned souls often dealt with the concept of wine and how tastings define our essence. In more modern times, two scholars even won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on the senses of taste and smell, in 2004.
  • Swing into Music: Summer in Tuscany

    Late Spring is a season of rebirth, or renewed warmth, enjoying the outdoors as the sun rays gently touch upon everything. A time of discovery, of venturing out and seeing what lies on our doorsteps. 
  • The sea, the sea! Explore Cinque Terre and Portovenere

    Portovenere. The name itself sounds poetic, truthfully romantic and with reason. The colourful historic fishing port was built by the Romans – Portus Veneris – who had valued its strategic place, and a series of relevant figures and people went by this hamlet.
  • Art for Lovers

    Italy. There goes without saying that this is the country of art, the place where cultivated patrons commissioned treasures the whole world wishes to see, the land that provides inspiration for countless artistic productions and the nation that leaves us speechless with its stunning natural landscapes. Favoured by artists and poets, writers and dreamers, there is something special about the entire peninsula: from north to south, cities and villages, be they close to the mountains or dotting silvery shores, you are bound to fall in love with the plethora of artistic splendour.
  • Sea Delights – From the Cinque Terre to Versilia

    In a land with an overwhelming 7,500 km-long shoreline, it comes as no surprise that memories linked to the sea resonate strongly when reminiscing over a holiday in Italy. We jealously hold on to sensations and the mind wanders in search of that bluer-than-blue, infinite expanse of water, a mesmerising sequence of gulfs and coves, natural docking places and colourful hamlets perched high on a headland: this beauty is timeless.
  • The beauty of the Tuscany inland

    One of the most loved regions in Italy, Tuscany awakens feelings of delight, with the charming harmonies of its landscapes and its deep-seated identity. It is easy to get lost among the sweet, rolling hills and its never-ending sceneries, the many colours of its flower fields and the pleasant rows of vineyards; still, Tuscany is on most people’s maps also because of its sublime food – certainly one of its best features.
  • Riding your way through Tuscany

    Getting a sense of a new – or known – place means exploring each corner, coming face to face with its cultural and historical heritage, but also practicing a sport that can bring us closer to the local culture.