Art at Il Bottaccio

In a land so rich in artistic treasures, finding so many symbols where the passion for art is palpable comes as no surprise.

A constant search for beauty made Il Bottaccio a unique experience where every décor celebrates an artistic form; from the rooms to common areas, you will find paintings and decorations giving life to an art gallery that blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

True to a region that sees art and beauty as its core, Il Bottaccio encourages its guests to love and admire art in all its shapes and forms.  Here, even a handrail disguises the genius of a clever artist, and then it’s a sensational parade of paintings, sculptures, decorations, textiles and furniture.  Marble certainly triumphs, but other media are employed in a discerning juxtaposition of eras and subjects, design pieces sitting next to precious carpets, oil paintings hidden within wooden doors and an overall creative aura to be sensed everywhere. 

10th June 2023, h 20.00

The curatorial concept behind this exhibition of Romolo Del Deo at Il Bottaccio is to explore the main body of his work that bestows wings in various unconventional ways such as to mythological figures that don’t usually get depicted as winged, like Daphne, in the “Tree of Life Which Is Ours;” to ideas and invented mythological figures like “Sovra;” in fantastic reality where wings aren’t normally depicted, such as sprouting from feet and faces, like in “Mercurio;” or to mortals who assumed wings like “Daedalus.” Frequently the artist makes it apparent that the wings are an assumed identity or a transformed identity.

The idea is that wings can impart to figures, powers, even though they are not part of the being’s natural story.  We see wings and immediately assume divine powers and properties to those who are be-winged. Romolo believes that culturally, we often associate the ascertainment of metaphorical “wings” as affirmation of great qualities. We live in time when humanity often fails to inspire through mendacity and mediocrity, but rather than focus on our shortcomings, Romolo sees us through the transformation of humanity and human aspiration that inspires.



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