The Five Lands - Cinque Terre

5 Terre

The charm of the hill overhanging the sea a wonderful choreography that seems to have been designed by a romantic painter who traced an extremely intense painting, a treasure, vaunt of the Province of La Spezia, destination for tourists from all over the world.

Houses and paths suspended between the earth and the sky make it a natural beauty unique also because kept intact and faithful to the nautical tradition. Your journey in the beautiful places characterizing The Five Lands starts from Brognato motorway‘s exit. Then, trespassing Borgetto Vara, Pignone, we‘ll reach Monterosso, the first of the five little villages. The arrival is made much more suggestive by the peculiar nature of this place got out of the rocks. You will be welcomed by the Statue of the Giant (a Neptune rested to the cliff to guard the sea). Then Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.


Riomaggiore – Monterosso
The Cinque Terre own a large part of their tourist success to the paths that wind along the coast or reach sanctuaries, which overlook each village. The path that connects Riomaggiore to Monterosso is the most famous and spectacular one and is called the “blue path“(“il sentiero azzurro“). In order to travel the whole path, one needs to walk for about five hours and to go through a difference in height of 500 meters. The path was traced over the centuries by those who used it to travel from place to place, therefore in some points, it is a real bridle path which unwinds itself by the seaside and connecting the five villages amongst themselves.

Riomaggiore – Manarola
Starting from the Riomaggiore train station, going up on left, one can find the access stairs, with ramps for disabled people that lead to the Path of Love (Via dell‘Amore), the typical path connecting the village to Manarola. The path was dug in the hard rocks and runs close to the sea on which it leans out. Along the way, you can see various types of vegetation such as agaves, pitosfori, Indian fig, vanilla plant, rue and many others.

Manarola – Corniglia
Once in Manarola, more precisely in the Marina, the path offers two possible ways to continue, depending on the time available. If you aren‘t in a hurry, you can do the “Birolli” walk, which leads to Palaedro. It is a 250 meters section witch turns around the Punta Bonfiglio and which has recently been equipped with a playground and a petanque field. Otherwise, you can clamber up the slope, which leads to the cemetery of Manarola where the path is characterised by a long gravelled and pebbled beach, which takes the place of the rocky cliffs.

Corniglia – Vernazza
The path continues, skirting the numerous vineyards of Corniglia. The atmosphere is shady and the land is covered by a meadow where there are many plants such as anemones, orchids and lords-andladies. One then goes down small stairs on the left and walks through olive trees, vineyards and Mediterranean maquis until overlooking the residential area of Vernazza.

Vernazza – Monterosso
It is the toughest section of the path. You need to exit the village and start going up, towards the cemetery, which skirts the path. The bridle path is in steep gradient: one quickly reaches the altitude of 150 meters; from this moment on, one will continue, slightly going up and down, until the precipitous descent towards Monterosso. Going forward, one goes through the Mediterranean maquis, which covers the now abandoned pieces of land. The vegetation is quite diverse; you can find holm oaks, arbutus, white Heather Spanish broom, and juniper.


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