Although it is worldwide famous due to its Leaning Tower, the city of Pisa also has many other great attractions and amazing characteristics to offer. Pisa is one of the most important historic Italian areas and one of the most visited years around as well.

This city allows tourists to meet buildings that conjugate many different époques and artistic currents, such as, for example Romanesque and Gothic among many others.

Pisa is located towards the western area of Tuscany, and its origins date from as long as 3.000 years ago. During that time, settlements started being built up at seaside and gave origin to what today is one of the most famous cities in the world. This way, the historical richness of Pisa is amazing due to its great amount of years and this can be observed in the buildings, which have remained through the pass of time and which shows the different époques through which the city has passed.

Another one of Pisa‘s main characteristics is its university, established in the first years of 1340 and worldwide known due to its excellence. This way Pisa is a city, which gives main importance to knowledge, science and arts, being up to date with modern life as well as maintaining some of the characteristics, which gave it shape through time.

The Learning Tower is located in the northwest area of Pisa, sharing one same area with other important buildings. At this area, known as Campo dei Miracoli, next to the famous Leaning Tower, there are other three great and unique buildings: the Camposanto or Holy Field; the amazing Duomo or Cathedral of Pisaof 1000 years; and the Baptistery or Battistero of circular shape. There are several other buildings and interesting areas for visitors to meet in Pisa besides the Campo dei Miracoli. Towards the south side of the city, tourists can visit two interesting museums: the Museo delle Sinopie and the Museo dell‘Opera.

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